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Minimize your tax liability

Estimate tax payments with automatic receipt and invoice scanning

Minimize your tax liability

Estimate your payments
and be ahead of tax time this year

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Take the guesswork out of tax savings
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Transactions will be automatically matched to income & expenses
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Estimate payments and minimize your liability

Be ahead of tax time this year

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I travel a lot for work and I can use it on the go as I spend.
AvatarCatherine McGuigan, project manager
As someone who is self employed with a variable monthly income, it provides me with peace of mind being able to accurately budget for tax.
AvatarChristopher Morgan, Marketing
Yes extremely valuable as I can now work out exactly how much tax I should be paying before it comes to the time. It also helps being able to keep track of my income in the same place as my expenses.
Avatar Kayode Akinyemi, Actor
1tap has helped me by saving me hours and hours worth of work. I can now use that time in order to do other things with my business.
AvatarRichard Knight, Masseuse
I normally find tracking my expenses and keeping my books a bit of a chore, but since using 1tap it has never been easier.
AvatarRitch Dervey, Personal Trainer
Simply put, 1tap is basically the future of keeping receipts for your tax records.
AvatarSean, Videographer

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